Gordon gets promoted (with a little help from Squared Online)

Gordon Carslaw may be new to the digital world, but he’s soaring past expectations and clinching key promotions in his career, thanks to Squared Online.

Gordon landed a new job in 2015 as Digital Marketing Executive at Dog, an agency that blends marketing, creative design, and digital technologies, and quickly realised how much there is to learn about digital.

He was recommended Squared Online from a colleague at work and a friend from university, who had both recently graduated.

His initial thoughts?

‘After the recommendations I did some research, and got the feeling straight away that Squared Online wasn’t an ordinary course. I wanted to build more in depth knowledge and get hands on experience that I could transfer to my job at Dog. I knew that Squared Online would be able to give me the insight that I was looking for.’

Gordon knew what he wanted to get out of the course, and was clear about his objectives from the start. ‘Although I achieved a lot of personal growth, my main goal was always to enhance my knowledge so I could increase my clients’ performance, and I definitely succeeded in that.’

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Quickfire Q&A with quicksilver marketer Kunal Pattany from Kantar TNS

Hi Kunal! Let's jump right in and talk Squared. You graduated last summer - how would you say it's made an impact on you?

Squared gave me the confidence to challenge and encourage others within the business to think about marketing from a broader perspective and see digital as part of the wider marketing mix.

It has also given me a deeper understanding of how to activate a digital strategy and drive digital transformation.

This new confidence enabled me to start an education programme called Digital FireStarters, which led to the Head of Innovation at Kantar TNS setting me up to work with Group M to use our research to activate a new client's programmatic efforts.

This development has also been noticed by my CEO and his boss, who have asked me to collaborate and spread my knowledge and passion across business. So it's also raised my profile within both the business and WPP more widely. 

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Squared Awards 2016: we've got our winners!

Last night we welcomed Squared grads from as far afield as Cyprus to our first-ever Squared Awards Night & Christmas Party at Google HQ in London. Gathering around our special Christmas trees decorated with Squared-theme baubles it was incredible to see so many of the Squared Network in one room, and toast to a very special few years.

The Squared Awards - celebrating the amazing things our grads do each and every day in digital

This year we saw our 5000th graduate from a programme that started as a 6 week immersive programme at Google in 2012, develop into a scalable online version that sees digital talent from across the world join every month to empower themselves to do great things in digital, and take both their organisations and their careers forward.

This year we wanted to do something big to recognise and celebrate the amazing things – big and small – our graduates do each and every day in digital, and the amazing leaders they are.

That's how the Squared Awards came to be, and last night we also crowned our very first winners across three categories: Squared Digital Champion, Squared Digital Team of the Year and Squared Leader of the Year. Miss the shortlist? Catch up on all the entries in the running here.

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Meet the shortlist: Squared Awards 2016


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How Lindy has become an inspirational mentor to the people around her

‘When it comes to mentoring, you’re trying to bridge gaps of information in a way that is optimally tailored to your audience, while at the same time helping them formulate answers to the hard questions themselves. The best way I’ve found to do this is to have a fluid approach, starting off with finding out what their challenges are and how they prefer to communicate. There’s no point in being the only one talking – you have to provide an engaging experience that stimulates creativity and an atmosphere that develops the confidence to formulate your own insights. It’s important to make people feel comfortable and drive home that each new experience is a massive learning curve.’

At just 28, Lindy Eksteen is already an inspirational mentor, voice for change and a force to be reckoned with. We recently caught up with her to find out how she's taken what she's learned from being part of NEXTGEN (a bespoke global version of Squared Online for performance marketing agency iProspect) last year and used it to develop and champion the people around her.

‘What I learned throughout that whole journey is invaluable,’ she tells us, ‘and I felt I'd taken away so many practical things that could help me take other people where they wanted to go too.'

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#IamSquared: Announcing our latest graduation photo competition winners...

As we wave summer goodbye and hit the start of autumn, the latest graduating Squares are doing the sensible thing and staying indoors to celebrate finishing up their studies.

Adam O'Riley is saying thanks to honorary Square Lucy the Cat by bedecking her with her very own Squared bandana, making us all rather hanker for one of our own in the process.

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Download our whitepaper: How to create a culture of digital learning, development and innovation

At Squared Online our digital transformation and leadership webinar series helps teams build the skills, capabilities and mindset they need to achieve great things in digital for their business. We asked participants about the current state of digital transformation in their organisation:

  • Almost 50% are currently not addressing the skills gap they’re facing
  • The other 50% are actively addressing the digital skills challenge
  • 82% of participants also told us they lacked the freedom to innovate

We’ve teamed up with some of the brightest and best from across the industry to addresses the headline stats that came back, and outlined a 3-step process to combining brilliant people with the right culture to drive ideas, digital innovation and results:

  • Step 1: Shuvo Saha, Director - Google Digital Academy - discusses how to figure out where to start your digital development journey.
  • Step 2: Carole Stewart, Head of PeopleDev - Google, and CJ Morley, Global Director for People and Talent - iProspect, share how to then create learning programmes that really change the way people work.
  • Step 3: Joris Merks-Benjaminsen, EMEA Head of Curriculum Design - Google Digital Academy, helps you maximise the investment in your people by creating a culture of innovation that encourages and rewards big bets and entrepreneurship
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Calling all Squares! What would the next generation of Squared Online courses look like?

Hey Squares! I'm Nick and I'm the Global Product Manager for Squared Online. That means I’m responsible for working with Google to ensure Squared continues to push the boundaries of immersive online learning, and keeps continuously up to date with all things with digital.

As Squared Online has become the go-to digital marketing leadership programme, we’re looking to take the key principles of what makes Squared so unique to potentially develop new products that appeal to our grads and new audiences across the world.

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How Google think about building a programmatic mindset [Video]

Programmatic is helping brands realise the ultimate promise of advertising in a digital world: to engage and delight their customers with relevant, creative messaging in the moments that matter. And the signs are there. As programmatic continues to break through from display channels to TV, car, out-of-home, radio and appliances, the marketing industry is moving towards a 100% programmatic advertising infrastructure.

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How Chris become a Head of Web and Digital Marketing at 22

Just how does someone land a head of digital marketing at the age of 22? We caught up with Christopher Boyd to chat about his meteoric journey to the top, which has also seen him recently move from the UK to Malta.

Chris joined Squared Online looking to get himself out of a professional rut. He'd been working in digital for a while but was ready to take things to the next level, learn more about the digital landscape and discover new frameworks and processes that he could take with him along the way.

'My thinking was that even if I was on the course while applying for jobs, it would show that I was investing in myself and look good to prospective employers,' he says. 'So it was something of a no-brainer.'

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