12 things to do before you send an email campaign (pt. 2)

Posted by Jenni Armstrong on 27 August 2014

Email campaigns may not be new but they are still one of the most effective lead generation methods available to marketers.

In part one we put together a list of the things you should do to ensure your email is opened. But what do you want your reader to do now? Here are 6 more quick checks that will give your campaign the best chance of being read and, more importantly, increasing your click through rate!

1. Personalise your emails
This is more than simply saying ‘Hi [First name]’ (By the way make sure you test your mail merge – there’s nothing more embarrassing than literally saying ‘Hi First name…’). Segmenting your database and tailoring the content so it’s relevant to the audience is crucial to getting a good response (remember irrelevant content means more unsubscribes!) Personalising emails so your reader says to themselves ‘wow that’s useful’ makes for a happy audience, and a happy audience means a better conversion.

2. Track all links
Tracking links means you can measure your email’s performance. You need to measure every click so you know what works and what doesn’t. Otherwise you’ll look in your Google Analytics and see a whole bunch of traffic coming in from an unknown source, which is a wasted opportunity. You can do this by creating a tracking code. But remember, always run a test so you know they’re working!

3. Then check your links!
Yes, I know this is obvious but even the most experienced email marketers have fallen foul of this one. You’ve added links to direct people to a landing page – check that every link is working and going to the right place. Adding links to email pictures can also increase your email’s click through rate, but as with text links, check that all image links are working and pointing where you want them to.

4. Less clicks equals less bounces
Don’t make your audience work to find the information they want, take them straight there! The harder your audience has to search to find what they are looking for, the more likely they will look elsewhere. And we don’t want that.

5. Have a clear call to action (CTA)
What do you want your recipient to do? Whether it’s to find out more via your website or to buy now, the CTA needs to be clear and obvious. As a general rule the CTA should always appear above the fold (readers shouldn’t have to scroll to see it) and it should stand out from the body text.

6. Test, optimise and test again
No one gets it 100% right. Ever. Trial a different subject line, landing page, piece of copy or CTA and record the impact. Find out what performs the best, implement and test something else. This is a never ending cycle of optimisation, but if you want to stay ahead of the game, testing has to be your best friend.

What other checks do you follow before sending your email campaigns?

Stick them in the comments!