12 things to do before you send an email campaign (pt.1)

Posted by Jenni Armstrong on 24 November 2014

Ever forgotten to track your email links? Not checked your mail merging? Sent your email to the wrong target list? Like most digital marketers we’ve all made simple errors and learned this the hard way – there’s no worse feeling than hitting send and realising you’ve made a mistake.

So we thought we’d put together 12 simple steps we like to follow so you can be completely confident next time your mouse is hovering over the launch email button.

Part one of this series covers the first essential step to sending a successful email campaign; ensuring your message actually reaches your audience.

1.      Clean your database

Make sure your database is as clean as possible. Contact details need to be correct with all those who have unsubscribed removed – no one likes getting spammed!

2.      Include an unsubscribe link

Due to spam policies, emails without unsubscribe links tend to go straight into junk mail boxes. Include a link that’s easy to find and check that it works so your audience actually see your email.

3.      Have an appealing subject line

Subject lines are fundamental to ensuring your email is opened – after all it’s the first (and maybe the last) impression your email will make! Keep it short and sweet while attempting to hook your audience within the first few words. Personalising the message and trying to include one of the top marketing power words such as ‘you’, ‘because’, ‘free’ and ‘imagine’ is a great way to do this. Also try to avoid excessive use of punctuation, block capitals or words which might trigger spam filters such as ‘act now’.

4.      Make it clear who you are

It’s important for your audience to trust the sender. If you can, have an individual’s name and the company name as the sender so the email feels personal and the reader recognises the brand.

5.      Test multiple email clients

Email clients behave differently, not all will display your email the same way. Set up accounts with all the major email clients and send a test to each one. We would suggest testing your emails in Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and Outlook.

6.      Test on mobile

Test how your email appears on mobile devices. With a more compact layout and a smaller screen you don’t want that key hook in your subject line to be cut off!

What other checks do you make to ensure your email gets opened? Share them in the comments!

Stay tuned for the second part of the series covering our top checks for ensuring your audience actually engages with your email.