Aiden Carroll

A nice guy, entrepreneur and acclaimed brand strategist. Having co-founded Factory Social & SoMe Academy after enjoying a fruitful career as a consultant. I have worked with numerous brands, both global and notable, in shaping and delivering their digital and advertising strategies. My experience lies primarily in the Western European & US markets, with an increasing focus on the digital revolution in East Asia (China, Korea & Japan). I'm currently spending a great deal of time nurturing the marketing needs of a variety of global brands, as a lead on the Google We Are Squared program. I continue to work as an independent digital consultant and public speaker.
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Have our content habits changed forever?

It’s a shock to no one that the likes of Netflix and Amazon are taking over the TV viewing world. However, you might have, in the recent clamour to watch the latest series of Game of Thrones – entirely missed the arrival of YouTube Red.

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Digital skills are the order of the day


There's a lot of talk on the streets of London that many people in the UK are struggling to pick up the digital skills to thrive - nay survive - in the rapidly evolving business world.

In a speech to the Oxford Guild on Monday, Ashok Vaswani - Head of Barclays Retail - claimed that the UK population are creating a 'forgotten middle' demographic who are 'simply getting by' online.

Certainly, many businesses will struggle to compete effectively and combat increasing digital competition at home and abroad.

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A very social education


In an age where nothing has actually happened unless it has ‘happened’ on social, and children are pratically born knowing how to slide the screen of an iPhone, it’s no wonder that educational facilities - both online and off - are starting to capitalise on the potential of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook not only to engage their students, but also to promote them.

In the last few years, social usage has changed from a platform for personal expression into a weird and wonderful market with limitless possibilities, and where networking and business acumen has become the norm. Almost all clever businesses have a Twitter presence, using hash-tags and @mentions to engage and inform their fans and customers - so why should education be any different?

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