Holly Maunders

I'm the Alumni Programme Manager at Squared Online! Huge fan of Gregory Crewdson photography and scuba diving.
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We're teaming up with Google's Academy for Ads to bring tailored, follow-on learning to Squares!

Good news for the 96% of Squares who say they’d like ongoing, bitesize learning to continue their digital journey: we’re joining forces with Google’s on-the-go e-learning platform to bring you a curated graduate curriculum for Squares!

Academy for Ads is a Google training program that you can use to grow your advertising skills. Whether it’s AdWords, DoubleClickor something else ad-related, they’ve got you covered.

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Whitepaper - AI Assisted Chatbots In The Finance Industry

During Module 5 of Squared Online we ask participants to complete a whitepaper on how future digital trends will impact a specific industry. The top 3 whitepapers are shared on this blog as a celebration of all their hard efforts!

Congratulations to Virgin Holidays team for this stellar piece of work on "AI Assisted Chatbots In The Finance Industry". Team members include: Nicole Gibson, Christopher Insall, James Libor, Jamie Marchant, James Burton-Lee, Joe Adams and Hayley Selby.

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#IamSquared: Announcing our latest graduation photo competition winner!

Matthew Zammit, our recent competition winner, looks forward to a future of building exceptional digital experiences, and celebrates his achievement of passing Squared Online with distinction!

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