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'I absolutely recommend the transformational effect it can have for you, your colleagues, your friends and anyone you deal with.'

Jon Buckthorp joined Squared Online looking to give his customers an advantage in his role as Senior Manager - Major Business at Vodafone. He graduated an as Inspirational Square, an award from the other students on his cohort as an outstanding member of the community, and in recognition of the impact he had on others.
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#IamSquared: summer special

How would you celebrate becoming Squared in a picture? It's the challenge we set grads at the end of their Squared journey - and they do it in style.

This time round Squares have been getting out and about, so we've gone with a seasonal beach theme with our latest set of winners.

Emer Forrest might be wearing her coat on the beach but she's got the happy warm glow that comes from a job very well done. Congrats Emer!

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How to be goal-happy

Let's play a game.

When you hear the words 'personal development plan' or 'mid-year review', how do you feel?

Full of verve? Primed for action? Bursting with anticipation at the thought of your high-flying, go-getting future self? 

Us neither. But there is something you can do that takes goal-setting from a mandatory form-filling, list-ticking exercise to a regular, inspiring activity that helps you grow and challenge yourself in both your career and personal life.

Squared Online includes highly popular guest speakers at various points throughout the course, in addition to the regular weekly live classes. Our Commercial Director Sandy Tsang recently gave a Squared Online guest class on doing just this by sharing her top tips and own personal goal setting template.

Check out her five point plan for goal-setting success, then download the template and have a go filling it out for yourself!

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Team charters: How to set course for virtual group work success

Developing the ability to work effectively through digital communication is a key part of Squared Online, so Squares work together on hands-on virtual group projects for three out of the five modules on the course.

Working virtually comes with its own unique set of challenges. It can be messy, and that's ok! Competing priorities, complex schedules, differing experience levels and technological difficulties can all make an impact, so teams put together out a group charter before getting started to set everyone on the right path - and provide a roadmap for how to adapt, collaborate and right the course if the going gets tough.

Here's an example of the team charter from recent graduates - whilst they've created this guide for working effectively virtually, there's lots to takeaway for projects a little closer to home too.

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Squared postcards: Squares send sunny thoughts from their corner of the world

Squares can be found all over the world. So whether your summer is set to be a grand adventure or more of a staycation, here's a stack of postcards winging their way to you from Squared city, seaside and paradise spots. Wish you were here...

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How Google balance data, mind and heart to create an innovation culture [Video]

In our June digital transformation webinar, digital transformation guru and Googler Joris Merks-Benjaminsen asked attendees if their organisation gave them the freedom to invest in big future bets.

'Nearly 80% said no,' Joris explains. This is really common.'

'The bigger companies become, the more people are steered by KPIs, the human aspect falls away and you become disconnected from your consumer. This is what happens a lot: companies get stuck on certain sticking points on digital transformation and innovation because they expect that same measurability as e-commerce.'

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Squares share their lightbulb moments

By the time Squares hit Module 5 they've come a long way, so as they approach the finishing line one of the final activities provides the chance to look back on everything they’ve learned and share the takeaways from across the course that have made the biggest impact.

Students build out their key learnings on slides and are invited to present their slide in that week's live class. We've put together a scrapbook of slides from recent graduates which illustrate those standout moments, and how they're applying and sharing these new ideas in the everyday professional lives.

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How does Google power an innovation culture? Find out in our webinar on 30th June

After a fantastic session on how to build the best digital talent last month with Google and iProspect, our digital transformation webinar series is back with a new topic for June - and you're invited!

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Whitepaper - Digital health ecosystem smoothes the way for the shift from treatment to prevention

The final module of Squared Online sees Squares work in groups to create a whitepaper that sells their ideas on how a major digital trend will affect an industry. From the whitepapers submitted, three are identified as the most viable, persuasive and creative.

Here's one of those top-performing whitepapers from Group 29 of the August 2015 cohort. It takes a look at the impact of data on the medical sector, offering a strategy that put the patient at the centre of the health ecosystem.

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Squares share their leadership philosophies

Squared Online is not just about building digital know-how. Through hands-on virtual group projects, Squares develop their leadership and collaboration skills too (and they take those skills out into workplaces across the world and do some amazing things along the way).

The final module of Squared Online sees students bring together all of the leadership concepts and qualities that have resonated with them throughout the course to create a leadership manifesto.

We put together a collection of some of the most popular leadership principles and values from the August 2015 cohort to create this crowdsourced Squared Online leadership manifesto.

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