Wendy Neal-Smith

Wendy is a classically trained marketer and has held senior management positions for some of the world’s leading consumer brands including GlaxoSmithKline, United Biscuits, Gillette and LEGO. A passion for digital lead to her own bit of market segmentation, when she spotted a gap for an agency specialising in the integration of offline with online. She decided to switch sides from client to agency and started up Synchronicity Marketing. Clients now come from a broad base of commercial businesses, government and charities. Wendy also acts as a mentor for young professionals to help them on their career journey and finds this especially rewarding. Not surprisingly, she is a passionate advocator of networking. Wendy loves research and writing and is a 'ghost' blogger for a number of businesses.

Recent Posts

‘Black is back’ or is it?

Retail is no less subject to fashion than any other industry. So when Asda ‘imported’ Black Friday from the US (logical when you consider they are a division of Walmart) it seemed a new ‘hot’ trend had arrived on the retail block.

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