Born to be Squared…

Posted by Jenni Armstrong on 18 August 2015

Twice as nice! We’ve got a bumper graduation competition announcement today, with two amazing winners from the two cohorts to graduate last month.

We asked students to post a picture of their celebrations with the hashtag #IamSquared and in honour of these July graduates we’ve selected our two favourite photos on a summertime road trip theme.

Zuri Fernandez from the November cohort is jump-starting her life post-Squared Online by rewarding all her hard work with this amazing Vespa!

Zuri Fernandez

We hope this trend for retro transportation continues – celebratory Squared Online camper van, anyone? Suddenly we’ve got an urge for the open road…


And no self-respecting road trip would be complete without snacks. Luckily Elly Wallis from the December cohort has us all stocked up with this sweet way to celebrate her official Squared status.


Elly Wallis

As an organisation  rather partial to an M&M ourselves, we highly approve of this message – and the medium.


Congratulations Zuri and Ellie – and to everyone in the November and December cohorts! We hope you enjoyed your Squared journey, and that you’re buckling up for your next adventure. Send us a postcard!

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