Describe your Squared experience in three words...

Posted by Jenni Armstrong on 07 October 2013

Sarah Tate, Head of Squared at Google, recently caught up with alumnus Paul Connor to ask how Squared helped him land an exciting role at General Assembly London. Here’s the Q&A…

What’s your name? 

Paul Connor

What do you do?

I’m the Studio Producer for General Assembly London, a digital education company based in Farringdon. I manage programmes for our course graduates, to help them further their newly acquired digital skills & put them to use in the tech community.

What’s it like doing a programme like this early in your career?

It’s the ultimate confidence boost. It helps those with a set career path to realise the steps, and gives the indecisive a world of options to pursue.  It makes you question typical working conventions, and challenges you to work in more productive ways.

Why would you recommend Squared to other people?

Learn new things. But more importantly, find out how much better you are at what you already know than you think.

Describe your squared experience in three words.

Welcoming, Engaging, Opportunistic.

What did you get up to with the Squared Alumni network?

I set up Squared’s charity initiative, The Net Works. It’s a marketing hackathon, where Squared Alumni collaborate with industry peers to build a digital marketing strategy for a small charity with limited resources.

You have changed jobs since Squared. Did the programme help you get your new role?

Absolutely. In fact, I’m fairly sure that General Assembly were more impressed by my Squared experience than my work experience.