#IamSquared: summer special

Posted by Jenni Armstrong on 14 August 2016

How would you celebrate becoming Squared in a picture? It's the challenge we set grads at the end of their Squared journey - and they do it in style.

This time round Squares have been getting out and about, so we've gone with a seasonal beach theme with our latest set of winners.

Emer Forrest might be wearing her coat on the beach but she's got the happy warm glow that comes from a job very well done. Congrats Emer!


... and February 2016 cohort graduate Iain Hardie, who graduated in the top 10% of students, has had to switch to pano mode to accurately express the magnitude of his happiness. And any photo with a dog in it is a-ok with us.


Congratulations to Emer and Iain - and to all Squared graduates heading out into the world this summer! Find out the sort of things they go on to do - watch and read more Squared Online student stories here.

Find out more about Squared Online: you can give us a ring on +44 (0) 20 7173 5938, or download the brochure to read about the course and the Squared experience.

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