July 2014 Cohort Graduates!

Posted by Jenni Armstrong on 16 April 2015

It may not have been easy completing the course through the dreary autumn and winter months but they did it!

Just before Easter, on 26th March, our July 2014 cohort celebrated their graduation.

We asked our graduates to send us a picture of their celebrations with the hashtag #Iamsquared. The collage below is just some of our graduates showing us how they celebrated on the night of their graduation.

We also picked a favourite photo from the collection, and our winner is…

Lisa Donohue (bottom right) who showed us that she’s officially a Square!

July 2014 Cohort Grads

Graduation night was full of chatter and buzz as we celebrated our inspirational Squares who really made the Squared Online experience for their peers:

Steff Lewis for her intelligence, motivation and consideration. She made sure to kick start all group projects, and was a great team player who gained the team’s respect quickly.

Reena Radlbeck for her dedication to every project. Her focus and organisation helped the team spot an error that could have cost the team’s grade.

Chris *blushing* Laurent for being a great team leader and player. Chris was a contributor, enabler and mentor always looking to discuss ideas.

Eva Ferguson for her intelligence, attention to detail and never faltering can-do attitude.

Brandon James for being such a pleasure to work with as an all around good guy. Brandon was a driving force in his project groups and is known to boost the morale of his teams.

Thanks everyone for sending in your pictures…and to the next graduating cohort, here’s a tip to start planning your Squared graduation photo!