“Mobile First” (Second & Third…)

Posted by Jenni Armstrong on 10 October 2014


We all like to be mobile; it’s part the human condition. On that basis, you know that your brand needs to be present and correct, offering the best experience, at the right place and time to succeed. The question is – how on earth to win out on those little moments we spend with our customers?

The truest way to embark upon any journey is to start at the beginning. Doing things like establishing what your brand looks and feels like add great direction; as does a nurtured grasp of your business objectives. The key thing to remember is that mobile is part of a bigger picture and is oft misconstrued or co-opted for somewhat odd purposes:

Client: “Do I need a native app or is a mobile-optimised website enough?”

Agency: “Neither; you have to think mobile first my friend, it’s all about responsive these days.”

Client (bemused): “Ok, I’ll have three of those please.”

As long as mobile remains a relatively new frontier, the “app vs web” question will remain a very real consideration for organisations seeking to establish a mobile presence. However, next time you speak to someone who tosses in any of the phrases in question, ask them what it actually means; and don’t accept the standard sprechen sie marketing response.

In this regard it’s best to play lingo bingo elsewhere and check your buzzwords at the door dear reader. There is one clear thing however – that there’s no escaping the “mobile first” mantra; espoused by half the tech community, their line managers and everyone else in between. In it’s rawest form, the idea of considering “mobile first” can be no bad thing.

It’s not so surprising that it’s interpreted differently; as the term “mobile first” could mean anything – it’s like claiming that we live in a “tech-first” or “eco-first” or  “oxygen-first” world.  Just remember these words next time you make use of your oxygen; use the term “mobile first” in situations where it lends real, actionable, meaning to those around you – especially your brand.

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