Our January and February graduation photo comp winners

Posted by Jenni Armstrong on 09 October 2015

You wait all year for the first of the 2015 graduation photos, and then three awesome ones come along at once.

'Geeky as charged', says Emily Cotter from the January 2015 cohort, 'and now starting my life sentence of being AWESOME at my job.'


And Emily seems to have led us right off the rails with her, because we've broken all our own rules and chosen not one but two winners from the January grad entries ...


Come on, there's a HAMSTER. And he is wearing a MORTAR BOARD. Our hands were tied! Everyone says the internet is for cats, but let's not forget that hamsters were there from the start.

(also pictured hamster owner and official Square Angie Ferrara)

And the graduation cap theme continues with Sarah Campbell representing the February 2015 grads in style with some celebratory headwear gifted to her by her two sons.


Congratulations Emily, Angie and Sarah - and to all the January and February Squares!

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