Squared Online Reviews | Mathieu's internal promotion at Mars!

This week, we caught up with Mathieu Delpuech – Senior IT Manager for Mars – on how his experience on Squared Online helped get that internal promotion!  

In his own words... 

In my previous role, I was leading the team responsible for delivering digital capabilities to support our eCommerce expansion in the B2B space. I worked within the Digital Business Team focusing on digital transformation projects across different business segments and geographies: from tech to digital marketing. This involved the responsibility of running a global e-commerce platform across 3 segments. 

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Squared Online Reviews | Daniel shares his experience of online learning

'Well, the past year has involved quite a bit of change!' - Daniel Zuidema, Director at Waeg, tells us about his career progression since completing Squared Online.

Daniel started working with Waeg, platinum Salesforce partner, a few weeks after graduating in September 2017. 'Waeg’s Managing Partner, Chris Timmerman, reached out to me, asking if I was interested helping him setting up the business in The Netherlands. Yes, I was!', he says. 

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Squared Online Reviews | Sam's promotion after the course!

Squared Online grad, Sam Philips, tells us about her recent promotion and move to Singapore. Now working as VP Client Services for Leverate Media Asia, with a vast global network to tap into, the sky's the limit!

Why did you decide to take the course with us? 

I had been working in offline media for ten years, mainly focusing on TV, OOH, radio and on the odd occasion print. I've worked closely with the digital teams throughout my career to promote channel integration on campaigns but hadn't personally strategized, planned or executed a digital campaign (outside of VOD) in years and was becoming rusty on the continued developments and changes across the digital landscape. 

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We’re launching an alumni programme for Squares!

We’re thrilled to announce that, this year, we’ll be launching an exclusive alumni programme for Squares!

At the heart of this programme, is an exciting online space where Squares can:

  • Hear about exclusive events and webinars in 2018
  • Share exciting new content including up-to-date articles which relate to Squared Online learning objectives, and
  • Engage in thought-provoking conversations with each other and experts 

With a global network of over 8,000 Squares, this space brings together like-minded, curious people from a variety of backgrounds to share knowledge, experience and ideas.

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I got the perfect job for me - Squared Online helped me stand out from a crowd of 300 applicants!

When Carmen saw a job offer on LinkedIn for a Marketing Coordinator role at UCAM Online University, she knew that she had to apply. It was the perfect role for her. Fast forward to the autumn, and after a tough process, Carmen was finally told the great news that she had beaten 300 applicants to get the role!

How did Squared Online play a part in her success?

With over 3 years’ experience in marketing both online and offline, Carmen was no stranger to the sector. She studied advertising and PR, but at the time there was no specific focus on digital. She learned digital skills through her job, but wanted a certificate to back it up and to learn even more.

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New Year's resolution to stay up to speed with Digital? Check out Google's Academy for Ads follow-on learning for Squares!

Last year, we were overwhelmed with the positive feedback we received from Squares about Academy for Ads courses:

“Wonderful initiative”

“Brilliant news...always looking to refresh my knowledge since graduating a few years ago!”

For those who missed our November edition, here’s a link to the first Academy for Ads series of follow-on learning for Squares.

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Whitepaper - The Domination of InsurTech: Disruption and Adaptation within the Insurance Industry

During Module 5 of Squared Online we ask participants to complete a whitepaper on how future digital trends will impact a specific industry. The top 3 whitepapers are shared on this blog as a celebration of all their hard efforts!

Congratulations to Group 2 for this stellar piece of work. Team members include: Dawn Taylor, Shanice Martin, Holly Garbett, Magda Podobinska, Rodrigo Valle Velazco, Jo Stafford, Laura Haigh and Yuly Ospina.

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Chris loved his Squared Online experience - and he got promoted after graduating!

Chris has been working in communications and marketing roles in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors for over six years and finds working in healthcare really rewarding.

He enjoys knowing and understanding the people that this sector is trying to reach, from patients to doctors, as well as challenging himself to be as innovative as possible. 'Insights drive performance in every sector but in healthcare performance makes a huge difference to people’s lives.'

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We're teaming up with Google's Academy for Ads to bring tailored, follow-on learning to Squares!

Good news for the 96% of Squares who say they’d like ongoing, bitesize learning to continue their digital journey: we’re joining forces with Google’s on-the-go e-learning platform to bring you a curated graduate curriculum for Squares!

Academy for Ads is a Google training program that you can use to grow your advertising skills. Whether it’s AdWords, DoubleClickor something else ad-related, they’ve got you covered.

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Whitepaper - AI Assisted Chatbots In The Finance Industry

During Module 5 of Squared Online we ask participants to complete a whitepaper on how future digital trends will impact a specific industry. The top 3 whitepapers are shared on this blog as a celebration of all their hard efforts!

Congratulations to Virgin Holidays team for this stellar piece of work on "AI Assisted Chatbots In The Finance Industry". Team members include: Nicole Gibson, Christopher Insall, James Libor, Jamie Marchant, James Burton-Lee, Joe Adams and Hayley Selby.

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