Squared Online taught Chris as much about himself as it did digital marketing

Last year, Chris James realised that he needed a career change - his current job simply wasn’t for him. And so, he decided to take a bold leap into the unknown and hand in his resignation. That same day, he enrolled on Squared Online.

How did Chris find Squared Online?

Marketing was a completely new field for Chris. “In fact, I thought marketing was ‘just advertising’ before I looked into Squared!” He did, however, expect a dynamic and forward-looking course which would introduce him to the concepts and frameworks of digital marketing. That was why he chose Squared Online over other marketing courses - it sounded like the most engaging and exciting.

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Odolena secured her first full-time digital marketing role with the help of Squared Online

Odolena was no stranger to digital marketing when she started Squared Online. Her CV included work with the Google Digital Garage, a role which meant she had travelled all over the UK, helping businesses implement a digital strategy.

Why did Odolena start Squared Online?

Her career had, however, evolved away from marketing. Her role when she began Squared Online was a more sales-oriented role at Hult International Business School.

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For Stephanie, Squared Online was the push she needed to change her life

The digital side of marketing had always been Stephanie’s passion. Embarking on Squared Online, however, ignited that passion into something truly life-changing!

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How Squared Online helped Rachael start a brand new career in marketing

Rachael was looking for a career change when she stumbled into the world of PR and marketing, and instantly knew that this was what she wanted to do. With no professional experience in the area, she was recommended Squared Online. What Rachael didn’t anticipate was just how big an effect Squared would have on her career.

Rachael left a career of 12 years in finance and project managment at a global company. A mentor in the PR field, and alumnus of Squared Online, recommended the course to her and Rachael credits the course as a really valuable aspect of her career change.

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Squared Online – how we’re working with Google to shake up the online education industry

Those who are familiar with Squared Online know that we passionately promote innovation and disruption in the digital world. Our ‘Squares’ are the next digital agents of change, and our programme has a strong focus on the changing digital landscape and how marketers can take advantage of that in their respective businesses.

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We want to transform 1,000 Singaporean business leaders into Squares

Google announced yesterday that they are aiming to train 1,000 Singaporean business leaders by 2019. The training will be focused around digital marketing, so it makes sense (of course!) that Squared Online, the digital marketing and leadership course developed with Google, will be at the forefront.

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Squared Online can fit into the busiest of schedules – just ask Tanja

Munich-based Tanja Reineke has a solid background in marketing, with a managerial role at Vodafone and a career spanning 17 years. However, despite this experience, she knew that she was missing some key digital marketing knowledge.

This is where Squared Online, the digital marketing leadership course developed with Google, stepped in.


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Daniel is climbing the career ladder with a helping hand from Squared Online

At just 21, Daniel Green is climbing the digital ladder faster than most. Daniel began his career as an apprentice at a small media company. He participated in the Squared Online course while he was working there and was promptly promoted within the company.

Daniel now works at one of the largest global media agencies, Starcom, as a Paid Social Executive for Heineken. He credits his rapid rise to the knowledge and confidence he gained participating in Squared Online, the digital marketing course developed with Google.

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How Emma dropped the 'junior' in 6 months...

Emma Bennett was new to digital marketing when she started her job at High Speed Training.  She was hired as a Junior Digital Marketing Executive, and her employer put her through the Squared Online course right away. “I spent one day a week at work doing the course. I felt like it was a great way of helping me to navigate my first 6 months on the job.”

She did the course from May-September, and dropped the “junior” in her job title almost immediately. This was around the same time that she took control of paid social, and started to manage her own time and projects. By August 2016, Emma was promoted to Marketing Manager.

“Although I didn’t really have any experience in digital marketing before I did Squared Online, as soon as I started the course it just clicked that this is what I should be doing.”

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Gordon gets promoted (with a little help from Squared Online)

Gordon Carslaw may be new to the digital world, but he’s soaring past expectations and clinching key promotions in his career, thanks to Squared Online.

Gordon landed a new job in 2015 as Digital Marketing Executive at Dog, an agency that blends marketing, creative design, and digital technologies, and quickly realised how much there is to learn about digital.

He was recommended Squared Online from a colleague at work and a friend from university, who had both recently graduated.

His initial thoughts?

‘After the recommendations I did some research, and got the feeling straight away that Squared Online wasn’t an ordinary course. I wanted to build more in depth knowledge and get hands on experience that I could transfer to my job at Dog. I knew that Squared Online would be able to give me the insight that I was looking for.’

Gordon knew what he wanted to get out of the course, and was clear about his objectives from the start. ‘Although I achieved a lot of personal growth, my main goal was always to enhance my knowledge so I could increase my clients’ performance, and I definitely succeeded in that.’

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