Squared Online 2.0 has arrived.

Posted by Jenni Armstrong on 13 March 2014

Digital is changing so fast that we’re always iterating Squared Online to stay relevant.

So as our second cohort of 157 Squares graduate this month, we’re about to launch the biggest update of the programme yet.

Squared Online is evolving. In continued partnership with Google and with feedback from participants and alumni, we’ve enhanced the digital marketing course by restructuring the learning content.

The experience is now even more interactive and promotes more sharing and collaboration. Online activities and group work are now tightly matched with weekly live online classes where you can discuss and build on learning with support from a tutor and other participants. The Virtual Campus has also been completely redesigned to enable easy and clear navigation of all the learning content.

We’re excited to welcome our latest group of future digital super heroes on 31st March.

5 tips & thoughts from the latest Squares to Graduate

“Come prepared to learn because whatever you think you know, you’ll get more out of it. It’s definitely helped my career – I’ve already received more interest from employers.” – Sarah Watts-Read 

“Dive in and go for it – you’ll meet incredible people and learn incredible things. My favourite thing about Squared was the inspirational speakers.” – Al Frankl

“I’d recommend Squared over more traditional routes. The best thing I’ve taken away from Squared is the people I’ve met – I definitely feel more connected and I’ve made lots of friends.” - Sandra Ingham

“I really enjoyed working with my groups on Google Hangouts. It’s been insightful, collaborative and fun.” – Sarah Jane Thomas

“It’s hard work because it’s all on you, but whatever you put in you get out. I’ve made a lot of friends through the course – through Hangouts, LinkedIn, Twitter – every form of social media.” – Haylee Corfield