Squared Online Reviews | Mathieu's internal promotion at Mars!

Posted by Holly Maunders on 05 March 2018

This week, we caught up with Mathieu Delpuech – Senior IT Manager for Mars – on how his experience on Squared Online helped get that internal promotion!  

In his own words... 

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In my previous role, I was leading the team responsible for delivering digital capabilities to support our eCommerce expansion in the B2B space. I worked within the Digital Business Team focusing on digital transformation projects across different business segments and geographies: from tech to digital marketing. This involved the responsibility of running a global e-commerce platform across 3 segments. 

What I lacked in my previous role was marketing and sales experience – I didn't understand what marketing was about and how to adapt ways of engaging with the consumer in a digital age. This is why Squared Online appealed to me. The course provides great insights into digital leadership and how to engage with digital transformation.  

It also opened a network of different General Managers who I was able to speak with during projects. Squared Online makes you think about what 'digital transformation' means for the future. This part really helped me to speak the same language as others in different business units - not just from a technological perspective.  

Partway through the course, I received a promotion. Now, as Senior IT Manager for Mars, I'm working on our business transformation strategy and the European Mars Wrigley Confectionary merger. It's within IT that we can promote the best digital solution, and I've been able to reference my experience on Squared Online in these conversations.  

The digital leadership and transformation aspects of the course were most relevant to me. The module which revolves around driving change resonated with my new role, as I now focus on changing how we work - the culture of our organisation. Squared Online helps you to reflect on where you are on your digital journey. It also helped me to connect with stakeholders – to speak and look in the same way as them. Now, when I engage with stakeholders, I understand what's coming and can simplify this for others to understand.  

My advice for people looking to take the course: forget your past opinions and make sure you read all materials – you take away some great insights. That part's really important for the course, but also for your future afterwards – the trends, and different strategies. Make sure you spend time reading and focus during the live classes – they bring a great amount of perspective! 

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