Squared to the power of ten

Posted by Jenni Armstrong on 28 November 2013

Part of the first assignment for all new Squares is making a video, which they post on YouTube to help introduce them to the other Squares they will be learning and working with over the next 6 months. Claire Vincent, who recently joined the Squared course in October, was so inspired by the experience she decided to create another video in order to raise money for the Great Ormond Street Hospital, who she’ll be running for in the London Marathon next year. Claire put the video on Facebook and LinkedIn a couple of days ago and has had an amazing response: she has already raised over £350 in only 2 days (excluding family and close friends) with lots more promises of sponsorship. She's made lots of people cry (emotional reaction!) Been ‘liked’ by Great Ormand Street Hospital and posted on their Facebook page which has 169k likes.  She's been retweeted by GOSH (70k followers), been contacted by someone I don’t know to ask if they can copy the idea as they are also raising money for GOSH.