Student Spotlight: Module 4 integrated marketing proposal

Posted by Jenni Armstrong on 19 October 2015
Today we're turning the attention of our Student Spotlight to Module 4.

'Think Like A Brand' is all about how brands deliver marketing strategies across the customer journey, so the module group project tasks Squares with
 developing a convergent marketing proposal for the launch of a new beauty product.

Practical, real-life experiences and business challenges are what the Squared learning experience is all about, so the best projects treat the proposal as a real and established client teams are trying to win over. They're bold and creative, and take an original and innovative approach to the different channels and touchpoints in their campaign.

We're rolling out the red carpet for recent star pupils Group 14 from the April cohort who submitted a head-turning, targeted strategy which combined clear thinking about how to position the brand and compete in the market with creative ideas for trail promotions.

From their client-winning presentation:

Group 14 created two fine-tuned, believable personas for the brand. By focusing on relevant and important facts, they made it easy to understand their needs, wants and fears. Their next step was to take these personas a step further and described the consumer journey for each of the target consumers, walking through their route to purchase.


They also had a clear strategy for an integrated campaign and developed some great tactical ideas to support it (we loved the concept of the 'Salon at Home' offer!).


Top work, Group 14! You showed creativity, demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs and branding objectives, and presented your strategy in an engaging and inspiring way. We like your style.

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