There is no such thing as digital

Posted by Jenni Armstrong on 01 August 2013

#NoDigital might seem an unlikely hashtag to be propagated by students on a marketing leadership course.

But in hearing the responses to their six key questions about the marketing industry from heads of organisations such as L’Oreal, Pizza Hut Delivery, Fiat, Cancer Research UK and Kia, the most recent graduates of Squared hope to kick-start an industry wide debate on how to drive growth in the dynamic marketing world.

Digital technology is now such a ubiquitous part of life that to think of it as an entity or channel in itself is missing the point.

The industry report, created collaboratively in cross sector teams as part of the Squared digital marketing course, asks thought provoking questions to challenge current thinking on how we work operationally, how we should collaborate internally and externally and how we can consistently challenge ourselves to stay ahead of the game.

With a foreword by Nico Perez (co-founder of Mixcloud and Squared mentor) The Squared Report 2013 addresses the issues we face in developing campaigns, creating content that matters and maintaining relationships with our customers.