What makes a Square?

Just last week we said hello to our latest bunch of ‘Squares’ as they began their five-month journey with us. Now that we’re three cohorts in, we’re taking a look back to see what we’ve learnt about our students here in APAC. What does a Square really look like?

Senior-level executives, experienced project managers and bright graduates are all on their Squared journey together. There’s no set type, and no model pupil either. The bigger picture is all in the detail. By taking a closer look at some recent stats, we can explore who’s come together to share the experience and push themselves to the next level in digital marketing leadership.

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The making of a great online classroom

Today’s a great day here at Squared Online’s home in Singapore, as we get ready to welcome our third intake to their first live class tonight! 


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What's the roadmap for Singapore's digital transformation?

Singapore’s technical skills shortage may have been an industry pain point, hindering growth for the past few years, but the sector is finally shifting. Just not the way we expected.

The government has been proactively spurring the economy with initiatives such as grants, resources and consultancy to achieve the Smart Nation vision.

It’s no wonder, according to the Singapore government’s Economic Development Board, the data analytics sector alone is set to contribute at least $1 billion to the economy per year by next year. As a result, Singapore is home to a growing movement of over 2000 data analysts since 2014 and there are no signs of this demand levelling out.

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