Team charters: How to set course for virtual group work success

Developing the ability to work effectively through digital communication is a key part of Squared Online, so Squares work together on hands-on virtual group projects for three out of the five modules on the course.

Working virtually comes with its own unique set of challenges. It can be messy, and that's ok! Competing priorities, complex schedules, differing experience levels and technological difficulties can all make an impact, so teams put together out a group charter before getting started to set everyone on the right path - and provide a roadmap for how to adapt, collaborate and right the course if the going gets tough.

Here's an example of the team charter from recent graduates - whilst they've created this guide for working effectively virtually, there's lots to takeaway for projects a little closer to home too.

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What makes a Square?

Just last week we said hello to our latest bunch of ‘Squares’ as they began their five-month journey with us. Now that we’re three cohorts in, we’re taking a look back to see what we’ve learnt about our students here in APAC. What does a Square really look like?

Senior-level executives, experienced project managers and bright graduates are all on their Squared journey together. There’s no set type, and no model pupil either. The bigger picture is all in the detail. By taking a closer look at some recent stats, we can explore who’s come together to share the experience and push themselves to the next level in digital marketing leadership.

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'It gave me the confidence to put myself out there and land my first job in digital.'

Ewan Sanderson always wanted to pursue a career in digital marketing, but it wasn’t until he joined Squared Online that he found the self-assurance to get out there and make it happen.

His journey began at his first job post-graduation at Cashmaster, a global company that manufactures cash-counting machines.

'I worked within a marketing team of just two people,' Ewan recalls, 'and digital knowledge just wasn’t present.'

Recognising this untapped opportunity, he began to research courses on the web that could broaden his digital skillset and came across Squared Online.

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Student whitepaper - Power Utilities: Finding a new purpose in the IoT-enabled smart energy world

The final module of Squared Online sees Squares work in groups to create a whitepaper that sells their ideas on how a major digital trend will affect an industry. From the whitepapers submitted, three are identified as the most viable, persuasive and creative.

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'Learning apart, Squared has taught me to stand up for what I truly believe in.'

“The professional and personal effect has been profound, the friends and network created because of the course are invaluable.  After all, people are the real assets.’

Pramit Ghosh has made dramatic changes to his life and grown leaps and bounds since he started his whirlwind journey with Squared Online nine months ago.

'I was working at Tatas, the biggest conglomerate in India, in a secure well-paying job,' Pramit tells us. 'Then I made the decision to quit.'

This demonstration of his pioneering spirit is the perfect example of what saw Pramit nominated by his peers as an Inspirational Square.The title of Inspirational Square is awarded to students who have excelled throughout their time on the course, and inspired and actively empowered others along the way. 

Here's Pramit's Inspirational Square story, which has seen him recently launch his own digital consultancy.

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'Innovation comes from the bright minds we employ': Google and iProspect on how to build the best digital talent

In our recent digital transformation webinar with Google and iProspect, our participants advised us about the state of digital in their organisations.

  • Almost 50% are currently not addressing the skills gap they're facing
  • 22.2% were in the process of seeking digital transformation solutions
  • 28.4% said they were actively working to overcome the digital skills challenge

CJ Morley, Global Director for Talent and Development for global performance marketing agency iProspect found the third stat particularly encouraging.

'I think that's something we'll all spend an awful lot of time doing over the years to come,' says CJ, 'and as digital continues to develop we'll address one challenge, and then start looking for the solution to the next.'

Taking a look at those numbers, there are two key questions that organisations need to ask themselves:

  • How do you get started, and go from awareness to making impactful digital transformation happen? 
  • Once you're on the road to digital capability building, how do you ensure ongoing, futureproofed digital skills development?

We teamed up with Google and iProspect to answer those questions through insights and practical advice from their experience creating digital skills L&D programmes that drive business results. Here are the key takeaways.

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Infographic: iProspect roll out their second pioneering global Squared Online cohort

In 2015, leading global performance marketing agency iProspect partnered with Google and Squared Online to create NEXTGEN: a pioneering global development programme designed to improve digital skills, build leadership potential and provide a network for employees to learn from their peers around the world. NEXTGEN delivered fantastic results:

  • 30% increase in confidence and competence in digital marketing
  • 80% reduction in attrition rate
  • 82% increase in confidence in virtual collaboration across the internal network

And in March we were delighted to welcome a second bespoke cohort aboard, with over 160 students spanning 36 countries! The NEXTGEN class of 2016 are just hitting the halfway point of their Squared experience, so to celebrate we've made the second of our NEXTGEN infographics.

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How to get Bitcoin, blockchain and encryption

shutterstock_395784883.jpgThe clearest-ever explanation of Bitcoin, blockchain and encryption

Bitcoin has risen from its introduction in an obscure paper in 2008 by the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto (no-one is quite sure whether it’s a person or a group) to being the subject of high-level discussion at Davos in 2016. Cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular have become one of the hot topics in tech and finance, with a lot of interest in disruptive applications of blockchain technology from startups and, increasingly, regular financial institutions.

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How do you build the best digital talent? Find out in our webinar with Google and iProspect

In March we launched a driving digital transformation webinar series.

Our next live session is at 3pm on the 12th May, and you’re invited! CJ Morley, Director for Global Talent and Development at leading global digital agency iProspect, and Carole Stewart, Lead L&D Business Partner at Google, will join us to share practical advice on how to:

  • Think strategically about building digital talent
  • Identify your team's skills gaps
  • Partner with L&D to close those gaps

Google will also be running a short Q&A at the end of the session, so come armed with your questions!

To save your spot, all you need to do it RSVP!

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Student whitepaper - The rise of the wearables

Group 9 from the October 2015 cohort round off our three-part whitepaper series with their finger on the pulse of a viable trend in the healthcare industry and recognised key factors driving the adoption of wearables and digital health platforms. 

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