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At Squared Online our digital transformation and leadership webinar series helps teams build the skills, capabilities and mindset they need to achieve great things in digital for their business. We asked participants about the current state of digital transformation in their organisation:

  • Almost 50% are currently not addressing the skills gap they’re facing
  • The other 50% are actively addressing the digital skills challenge
  • 82% of participants also told us they lacked the freedom to innovate

We’ve teamed up with some of the brightest and best from across the industry to addresses the headline stats that came back, and outlined a 3-step process to combining brilliant people with the right culture to drive ideas, digital innovation and results:

  • Step 1: Shuvo Saha, Director - Google Digital Academy - discusses how to figure out where to start your digital development journey.
  • Step 2: Carole Stewart, Head of PeopleDev - Google, and CJ Morley, Global Director for People and Talent - iProspect, share how to then create learning programmes that really change the way people work.
  • Step 3: Joris Merks-Benjaminsen, EMEA Head of Curriculum Design - Google Digital Academy, helps you maximise the investment in your people by creating a culture of innovation that encourages and rewards big bets and entrepreneurship
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How Google balance data, mind and heart to create an innovation culture [Video]

In our June digital transformation webinar, digital transformation guru and Googler Joris Merks-Benjaminsen asked attendees if their organisation gave them the freedom to invest in big future bets.

'Nearly 80% said no,' Joris explains. This is really common.'

'The bigger companies become, the more people are steered by KPIs, the human aspect falls away and you become disconnected from your consumer. This is what happens a lot: companies get stuck on certain sticking points on digital transformation and innovation because they expect that same measurability as e-commerce.'

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How does Google power an innovation culture? Find out in our webinar on 30th June

After a fantastic session on how to build the best digital talent last month with Google and iProspect, our digital transformation webinar series is back with a new topic for June - and you're invited!

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What's the roadmap for Singapore's digital transformation?

Singapore’s technical skills shortage may have been an industry pain point, hindering growth for the past few years, but the sector is finally shifting. Just not the way we expected.

The government has been proactively spurring the economy with initiatives such as grants, resources and consultancy to achieve the Smart Nation vision.

It’s no wonder, according to the Singapore government’s Economic Development Board, the data analytics sector alone is set to contribute at least $1 billion to the economy per year by next year. As a result, Singapore is home to a growing movement of over 2000 data analysts since 2014 and there are no signs of this demand levelling out.

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'Innovation comes from the bright minds we employ': Google and iProspect on how to build the best digital talent

In our recent digital transformation webinar with Google and iProspect, our participants advised us about the state of digital in their organisations.

  • Almost 50% are currently not addressing the skills gap they're facing
  • 22.2% were in the process of seeking digital transformation solutions
  • 28.4% said they were actively working to overcome the digital skills challenge

CJ Morley, Global Director for Talent and Development for global performance marketing agency iProspect found the third stat particularly encouraging.

'I think that's something we'll all spend an awful lot of time doing over the years to come,' says CJ, 'and as digital continues to develop we'll address one challenge, and then start looking for the solution to the next.'

Taking a look at those numbers, there are two key questions that organisations need to ask themselves:

  • How do you get started, and go from awareness to making impactful digital transformation happen? 
  • Once you're on the road to digital capability building, how do you ensure ongoing, futureproofed digital skills development?

We teamed up with Google and iProspect to answer those questions through insights and practical advice from their experience creating digital skills L&D programmes that drive business results. Here are the key takeaways.

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How do you build the best digital talent? Find out in our webinar with Google and iProspect

In March we launched a driving digital transformation webinar series.

Our next live session is at 3pm on the 12th May, and you’re invited! CJ Morley, Director for Global Talent and Development at leading global digital agency iProspect, and Carole Stewart, Lead L&D Business Partner at Google, will join us to share practical advice on how to:

  • Think strategically about building digital talent
  • Identify your team's skills gaps
  • Partner with L&D to close those gaps

Google will also be running a short Q&A at the end of the session, so come armed with your questions!

To save your spot, all you need to do it RSVP!

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Infographic: llustrating the digital skills gap

When it comes to digital capability building, knowing what you don't know is always a good place to start.

Google's Talent Revolution Survey (undertaken by over 1200 marketers in the UK and Germany last year) was designed to provide companies with an industry approved set of best practices to assess how digitally savvy their marketing department is.

We took the key takeaways and sprinkled just a little bit of moon dust on them...

How does your company measure up?

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Squared Online grad Freddie Manento joins forces with the UN on life-saving mobile partnership

Freddie Manento is an inspirational Square by any measure. Managing Director of Push Mobile - a telecoms company operating out of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania - he joined Squared Online in 2015 to make sure Push had the right digital capabilities to stay ahead. They've since won two contracts with the United Nations in quick succession, and added a number of banks and airlines to their client list.

Freddie recently took time out to speak to us about his Squared experience, and his continuing digital journey since finishing the course.

'I realised there was a gap in the market and a need for international brands to be present in the digital sphere in Tanzania. We had big brands like Coca Cola, Zantel and Tigo who wanted to be online, but the market wasn’t ready in terms of specialisations. And although Push has a digital team, as Managing Director it was very important for me to upskill in digital, and increase my own confidence and understanding of digital strategy, consumer behaviour and trends.'

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What are the big digital transformation challenges facing FMCG brands?

Their goods may be fast-moving, but the pace of digital transformation in FMCG companies hasn’t quite matched up.

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Digital skills are the order of the day


There's a lot of talk on the streets of London that many people in the UK are struggling to pick up the digital skills to thrive - nay survive - in the rapidly evolving business world.

In a speech to the Oxford Guild on Monday, Ashok Vaswani - Head of Barclays Retail - claimed that the UK population are creating a 'forgotten middle' demographic who are 'simply getting by' online.

Certainly, many businesses will struggle to compete effectively and combat increasing digital competition at home and abroad.

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