Daniel is climbing the career ladder with a helping hand from Squared Online

At just 21, Daniel Green is climbing the digital ladder faster than most. Daniel began his career as an apprentice at a small media company. He participated in the Squared Online course while he was working there and was promptly promoted within the company.

Daniel now works at one of the largest global media agencies, Starcom, as a Paid Social Executive for Heineken. He credits his rapid rise to the knowledge and confidence he gained participating in Squared Online, the digital marketing course developed with Google.

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How Emma dropped the 'junior' in 6 months...

Emma Bennett was new to digital marketing when she started her job at High Speed Training.  She was hired as a Junior Digital Marketing Executive, and her employer put her through the Squared Online course right away. “I spent one day a week at work doing the course. I felt like it was a great way of helping me to navigate my first 6 months on the job.”

She did the course from May-September, and dropped the “junior” in her job title almost immediately. This was around the same time that she took control of paid social, and started to manage her own time and projects. By August 2016, Emma was promoted to Marketing Manager.

“Although I didn’t really have any experience in digital marketing before I did Squared Online, as soon as I started the course it just clicked that this is what I should be doing.”

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Gordon gets promoted (with a little help from Squared Online)

Gordon Carslaw may be new to the digital world, but he’s soaring past expectations and clinching key promotions in his career, thanks to Squared Online.

Gordon landed a new job in 2015 as Digital Marketing Executive at Dog, an agency that blends marketing, creative design, and digital technologies, and quickly realised how much there is to learn about digital.

He was recommended Squared Online from a colleague at work and a friend from university, who had both recently graduated.

His initial thoughts?

‘After the recommendations I did some research, and got the feeling straight away that Squared Online wasn’t an ordinary course. I wanted to build more in depth knowledge and get hands on experience that I could transfer to my job at Dog. I knew that Squared Online would be able to give me the insight that I was looking for.’

Gordon knew what he wanted to get out of the course, and was clear about his objectives from the start. ‘Although I achieved a lot of personal growth, my main goal was always to enhance my knowledge so I could increase my clients’ performance, and I definitely succeeded in that.’

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Download our whitepaper: How to create a culture of digital learning, development and innovation

At Squared Online our digital transformation and leadership webinar series helps teams build the skills, capabilities and mindset they need to achieve great things in digital for their business. We asked participants about the current state of digital transformation in their organisation:

  • Almost 50% are currently not addressing the skills gap they’re facing
  • The other 50% are actively addressing the digital skills challenge
  • 82% of participants also told us they lacked the freedom to innovate

We’ve teamed up with some of the brightest and best from across the industry to addresses the headline stats that came back, and outlined a 3-step process to combining brilliant people with the right culture to drive ideas, digital innovation and results:

  • Step 1: Shuvo Saha, Director - Google Digital Academy - discusses how to figure out where to start your digital development journey.
  • Step 2: Carole Stewart, Head of PeopleDev - Google, and CJ Morley, Global Director for People and Talent - iProspect, share how to then create learning programmes that really change the way people work.
  • Step 3: Joris Merks-Benjaminsen, EMEA Head of Curriculum Design - Google Digital Academy, helps you maximise the investment in your people by creating a culture of innovation that encourages and rewards big bets and entrepreneurship
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How Google think about building a programmatic mindset [Video]

Programmatic is helping brands realise the ultimate promise of advertising in a digital world: to engage and delight their customers with relevant, creative messaging in the moments that matter. And the signs are there. As programmatic continues to break through from display channels to TV, car, out-of-home, radio and appliances, the marketing industry is moving towards a 100% programmatic advertising infrastructure.

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How to be goal-happy

Let's play a game.

When you hear the words 'personal development plan' or 'mid-year review', how do you feel?

Full of verve? Primed for action? Bursting with anticipation at the thought of your high-flying, go-getting future self? 

Us neither. But there is something you can do that takes goal-setting from a mandatory form-filling, list-ticking exercise to a regular, inspiring activity that helps you grow and challenge yourself in both your career and personal life.

Squared Online includes highly popular guest speakers at various points throughout the course, in addition to the regular weekly live classes. Our Commercial Director Sandy Tsang recently gave a Squared Online guest class on doing just this by sharing her top tips and own personal goal setting template.

Check out her five point plan for goal-setting success, then download the template and have a go filling it out for yourself!

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How Google balance data, mind and heart to create an innovation culture [Video]

In our June digital transformation webinar, digital transformation guru and Googler Joris Merks-Benjaminsen asked attendees if their organisation gave them the freedom to invest in big future bets.

'Nearly 80% said no,' Joris explains. This is really common.'

'The bigger companies become, the more people are steered by KPIs, the human aspect falls away and you become disconnected from your consumer. This is what happens a lot: companies get stuck on certain sticking points on digital transformation and innovation because they expect that same measurability as e-commerce.'

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How does Google power an innovation culture? Find out in our webinar on 30th June

After a fantastic session on how to build the best digital talent last month with Google and iProspect, our digital transformation webinar series is back with a new topic for June - and you're invited!

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Student whitepaper - Power Utilities: Finding a new purpose in the IoT-enabled smart energy world

The final module of Squared Online sees Squares work in groups to create a whitepaper that sells their ideas on how a major digital trend will affect an industry. From the whitepapers submitted, three are identified as the most viable, persuasive and creative.

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'Innovation comes from the bright minds we employ': Google and iProspect on how to build the best digital talent

In our recent digital transformation webinar with Google and iProspect, our participants advised us about the state of digital in their organisations.

  • Almost 50% are currently not addressing the skills gap they're facing
  • 22.2% were in the process of seeking digital transformation solutions
  • 28.4% said they were actively working to overcome the digital skills challenge

CJ Morley, Global Director for Talent and Development for global performance marketing agency iProspect found the third stat particularly encouraging.

'I think that's something we'll all spend an awful lot of time doing over the years to come,' says CJ, 'and as digital continues to develop we'll address one challenge, and then start looking for the solution to the next.'

Taking a look at those numbers, there are two key questions that organisations need to ask themselves:

  • How do you get started, and go from awareness to making impactful digital transformation happen? 
  • Once you're on the road to digital capability building, how do you ensure ongoing, futureproofed digital skills development?

We teamed up with Google and iProspect to answer those questions through insights and practical advice from their experience creating digital skills L&D programmes that drive business results. Here are the key takeaways.

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