#IamSquared: Announcing our latest graduation photo competition winners...

As we wave summer goodbye and hit the start of autumn, the latest graduating Squares are doing the sensible thing and staying indoors to celebrate finishing up their studies.

Adam O'Riley is saying thanks to honorary Square Lucy the Cat by bedecking her with her very own Squared bandana, making us all rather hanker for one of our own in the process.

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#IamSquared: summer special

How would you celebrate becoming Squared in a picture? It's the challenge we set grads at the end of their Squared journey - and they do it in style.

This time round Squares have been getting out and about, so we've gone with a seasonal beach theme with our latest set of winners.

Emer Forrest might be wearing her coat on the beach but she's got the happy warm glow that comes from a job very well done. Congrats Emer!

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This year's #IamSquared graduate photo competition winners so far

At the end of their five month journey, Squares celebrate their graduation in an online ceremony. During this special live class we brief them on one final challenge - the #IamSquared photo competition.

We've had hamsters, kangaroos and motorbikes appear in previous winning entries, but this year we've seen a definite trend in balloon-based celebrations....

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Graduating from Squared Online, Aussie-style

For each graduating cohort, we ask our newly-certified Squares to post a picture of their celebrations with the hashtag #IamSquared.

And after hamsters last month, our graduate photo competition has now reached to the lofty heights of kangaroos thanks to Sydney-based Square Janna Munn's awesome entry.

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Our January and February graduation photo comp winners

You wait all year for the first of the 2015 graduation photos, and then three awesome ones come along at once.

'Geeky as charged', says Emily Cotter from the January 2015 cohort, 'and now starting my life sentence of being AWESOME at my job.'

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Born to be Squared…

Twice as nice! We’ve got a bumper graduation competition announcement today, with two amazing winners from the two cohorts to graduate last month.

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