‘Digital marketing is a competitive business; I needed a professional qualification to give me an edge.'

Matt Whittles' journey into digital began shortly after graduating from university, and he’s shown no sign of slowing down since.

Looking for his first job out of full-time education, Matt found himself gravitating towards roles that relied heavily on social media and digital skills. After setting up social media platforms for a Palestinian youth organisation and working as a parliamentary assistant and social media manager to an MP, Matt realised his future lay in the digital side of his work. Lacking the formal training to take things further, he began researching digital marketing courses and came across Squared Online.‘

'I was sold on the programme straight away,’ he says. ‘Then I got a really positive review of the course from a friend of my employer and I didn't look back.’

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Team charters: How to set course for virtual group work success

Developing the ability to work effectively through digital communication is a key part of Squared Online, so Squares work together on hands-on virtual group projects for three out of the five modules on the course.

Working virtually comes with its own unique set of challenges. It can be messy, and that's ok! Competing priorities, complex schedules, differing experience levels and technological difficulties can all make an impact, so teams put together out a group charter before getting started to set everyone on the right path - and provide a roadmap for how to adapt, collaborate and right the course if the going gets tough.

Here's an example of the team charter from recent graduates - whilst they've created this guide for working effectively virtually, there's lots to takeaway for projects a little closer to home too.

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Squares share their leadership philosophies

Squared Online is not just about building digital know-how. Through hands-on virtual group projects, Squares develop their leadership and collaboration skills too (and they take those skills out into workplaces across the world and do some amazing things along the way).

The final module of Squared Online sees students bring together all of the leadership concepts and qualities that have resonated with them throughout the course to create a leadership manifesto.

We put together a collection of some of the most popular leadership principles and values from the August 2015 cohort to create this crowdsourced Squared Online leadership manifesto.

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'Learning apart, Squared has taught me to stand up for what I truly believe in.'

“The professional and personal effect has been profound, the friends and network created because of the course are invaluable.  After all, people are the real assets.’

Pramit Ghosh has made dramatic changes to his life and grown leaps and bounds since he started his whirlwind journey with Squared Online nine months ago.

'I was working at Tatas, the biggest conglomerate in India, in a secure well-paying job,' Pramit tells us. 'Then I made the decision to quit.'

This demonstration of his pioneering spirit is the perfect example of what saw Pramit nominated by his peers as an Inspirational Square.The title of Inspirational Square is awarded to students who have excelled throughout their time on the course, and inspired and actively empowered others along the way. 

Here's Pramit's Inspirational Square story, which has seen him recently launch his own digital consultancy.

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