Calling all Squares! What would the next generation of Squared Online courses look like?

Hey Squares! I'm Nick and I'm the Global Product Manager for Squared Online. That means I’m responsible for working with Google to ensure Squared continues to push the boundaries of immersive online learning, and keeps continuously up to date with all things with digital.

As Squared Online has become the go-to digital marketing leadership programme, we’re looking to take the key principles of what makes Squared so unique to potentially develop new products that appeal to our grads and new audiences across the world.

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The making of a great online classroom

Today’s a great day here at Squared Online’s home in Singapore, as we get ready to welcome our third intake to their first live class tonight! 


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A very social education


In an age where nothing has actually happened unless it has ‘happened’ on social, and children are pratically born knowing how to slide the screen of an iPhone, it’s no wonder that educational facilities - both online and off - are starting to capitalise on the potential of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook not only to engage their students, but also to promote them.

In the last few years, social usage has changed from a platform for personal expression into a weird and wonderful market with limitless possibilities, and where networking and business acumen has become the norm. Almost all clever businesses have a Twitter presence, using hash-tags and @mentions to engage and inform their fans and customers - so why should education be any different?

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