'It gave me the confidence to put myself out there and land my first job in digital.'

Ewan Sanderson always wanted to pursue a career in digital marketing, but it wasn’t until he joined Squared Online that he found the self-assurance to get out there and make it happen.

His journey began at his first job post-graduation at Cashmaster, a global company that manufactures cash-counting machines.

'I worked within a marketing team of just two people,' Ewan recalls, 'and digital knowledge just wasn’t present.'

Recognising this untapped opportunity, he began to research courses on the web that could broaden his digital skillset and came across Squared Online.

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'Learning apart, Squared has taught me to stand up for what I truly believe in.'

“The professional and personal effect has been profound, the friends and network created because of the course are invaluable.  After all, people are the real assets.’

Pramit Ghosh has made dramatic changes to his life and grown leaps and bounds since he started his whirlwind journey with Squared Online nine months ago.

'I was working at Tatas, the biggest conglomerate in India, in a secure well-paying job,' Pramit tells us. 'Then I made the decision to quit.'

This demonstration of his pioneering spirit is the perfect example of what saw Pramit nominated by his peers as an Inspirational Square.The title of Inspirational Square is awarded to students who have excelled throughout their time on the course, and inspired and actively empowered others along the way. 

Here's Pramit's Inspirational Square story, which has seen him recently launch his own digital consultancy.

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'Motherhood was a time for me to invest in my career.'

Mars El Brogy is truly a Square who does it all. And you can trace the rise of digital through her impressive career, which has seen her move from print journalism to TV production roles to new media, content, community and digital producer stints at the BBC and London Live, through to her most recent appointment as Head of Video Production at ESI Media, the commercial department of the London Evening Standard, The Independent, i and London Live.

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'Squared Online was the missing piece that gave me the confidence to launch my startup.'


Luca Jakab is the founder of ArtSmart, a startup and social enterprise that represents contemporary artists and supports charities by creating a platform where the two come together. ArtSmart have been around since October 2015 and are based at Campus London, Google's community hub for ideas and entrepreneurs.

As an arts manager, Luca had spent her career organising cultural events with artists, designers, actors and musicians in Budapest, London and Ibiza, and knew that she wanted to launch a social enterprise that was also in the arts. She just didn't know quite what that would be.

'I spent many years turning this idea over in my head, trying to combine the two. I knew I could use digital as a tool to help me, and Squared Online turned out to be the final piece in the puzzle.'

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'I now have the confidence to apply for jobs I wouldn’t have done before.’

RReeceCargan.jpgeece Cargan came across Squared Online trying to turn a let-down into an up-swing.

‘I had applied for a Marketing Manager job at a university, and got down to the final two. In the end they went with the other candidate, and when I asked for feedback they said it had come down to the fact the other person had a professional copywriting qualification. So I decided to turn that around.’

And he didn’t do it by halves either. He enrolled on a digital copywriting course, and joined Squared Online
to develop his digital marketing skills simultaneously.

How did he do it?

‘A very understanding partner,’ he tells us, ‘I would basically come home from work, set up camp at the kitchen table and get my head down.’

And his hard work juggling work and study paid off: Reece changed jobs halfway through Squared Online,
when his dream role came up at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

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‘It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done – better than uni, really.'

Kirsten had been established a successful career as a graphic design. She’d been working for an agency
for a number of years, working her way up to Head of Design, but was struggling to sketch out her next

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'My eyes were opened to the opportunities within the digital revolution.'

 Alices_story-705587-edited.jpgHaving garnered 15 years of digital marketing experience, including posts at Saatchi & Saatchi and FCB Global, it might have been safe to assume that Alice McEvoy was beyond the need for an intensive digital marketing course.

'Many people reach a certain point in their career and won’t admit the need for improvement,' she explains. 'I was anxious not to fall into the trap of believing you’re too important or experienced to learn anything new!'

Recognising the value of continuous personal development, and about to take up her maternity leave, Alice started exploring the idea of further training that would keep herself immersed in digital.

'A friend of mine took the course after successfully selling her digital media business and recommended it. She was a mum of three young kids and I knew if she’d gained a lot from it, I would too.'

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Squared Online grad Freddie Manento joins forces with the UN on life-saving mobile partnership

Freddie Manento is an inspirational Square by any measure. Managing Director of Push Mobile - a telecoms company operating out of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania - he joined Squared Online in 2015 to make sure Push had the right digital capabilities to stay ahead. They've since won two contracts with the United Nations in quick succession, and added a number of banks and airlines to their client list.

Freddie recently took time out to speak to us about his Squared experience, and his continuing digital journey since finishing the course.

'I realised there was a gap in the market and a need for international brands to be present in the digital sphere in Tanzania. We had big brands like Coca Cola, Zantel and Tigo who wanted to be online, but the market wasn’t ready in terms of specialisations. And although Push has a digital team, as Managing Director it was very important for me to upskill in digital, and increase my own confidence and understanding of digital strategy, consumer behaviour and trends.'

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Squared Online: spotlight on 2015

2015 was a big year for Squared Online, but don't just take our word for it - here's a shiny whirlwind of a slideshow that does all the talking for us.
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'I can now put myself forward for jobs in companies I wouldn't have dreamed of before'

Julian Peck is a Copywriter, Multimedia Producer and Product Manager who graduated from Squared Online in October 2015. After working in a temporary role at a media agency, he joined the course looking to consolidate his digital experience and develop a comprehensive overview of the digital landscape to progress his career.

He was voted Inspirational Square by the other students on her cohort as an outstanding member of the community, and in recognition of the impact he had on others and the level of commitment he showed to the course.

He made this fantastic video about his Squared experience and share some hints and tips for success.

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